GDPR fun

I guess you received too many emails to count in the past few days, from organizations preparing for GDPR. And if you are working for an organization taking data collection & processing seriously, you probably had a lot of work in your hands trying to understand how GDPR will affect your everyday life and preparing the necessary changes and documentation on your end. If you still feel you are missing the basics for your web analytics implementation, you can visit this article.

For those who had enough of GDPR tutorials and feel they have reached a good level of compliance, it’s time to enjoy the fun part now. I’ve listed under this post the funniest material I could find online, inspired by GDPR. If you have any more funny posts to include in this list, please share them with me in the comments.

Funny content inspired by GDPR

Let’s start with the appropriate soundtrack

There’s a playlist available in Spotify, full of songs violating your GDPR user rights

GDPR spotify playlist

Friendly work discussions just got more complicated

GDPR email sharing

The Greek government has trouble understanding the new regulation

GDPR - Email communication

Check out this article if you want to minimize the amount of personal data you capture in your web analytics implementation.

Santa Claus will have a tough time this year

Thessaloniki’s digital analytics meetup evaluated Santa Claus’ GDPR compliance status and things are not looking very good for him this year.

Mailchimp mailing list name fail

A good reminder to be extra careful when choosing mail list names in MailChimp. Everyone can see the list names when unsubscribing.


Old ladies in your neighborhood

The older ladies near your house who know everyone’s whereabouts will probably not have any difficulty complying with GDPR.

GDPR - Old ladies

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