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5+1 must-listen digital analytics podcasts

Digital analytics podcasts are great, when you get too tired to stare at your PC’s screen. When I am in this mood and can’t go through all of the great articles around digital analytics in this list, I try to stay up-to-date by listening to podcasts. This list contains digital analytics podcast shows, with frequent episodes that are really worth your time. I am sure that after listening a couple of episodes, you’ll feel your mood and creativity rising again. Let me know in the comments if you think I missed any digital analytics podcasts you found useful.

  • Digital Analytics Power Hour

    Digital analytics power hour is my favorite digital analytics podcast! When listening to it, I feel like I am at the pub casually discussing digital analytics with my mates. This show started after a few pints and a few hours of discussion about the cutting edge of digital analytics. The hosts realized they might have something to contribute back to the community. This podcast is one of those contributions. Each episode is a closed topic and an open forum with Michael Helbling, Tim Wilson and Moe Kiss. The goal is for listeners to have fun and listen digital analytics professionals share their thoughts and experiences and, hopefully, take away something to try at work the next day.
    Episodes usually last about 45 mins.

  • Mine that data

    Mine That Data is a digital analytics podcast which is hosted by the CEO of the “MineThatData” consultancy firm, Kevin Hillstrom. He has extensive experience working for and with retail brands of all shapes and sizes and always shares actionable insights and his valuable perspective of how to look at all the issues troubling digital analysts. Check out some of his most popular episodes like “Episode 0019: The People v. O.J. Simpson” and “Episode 0023: Not Actionable!!”.
    Episodes usually last about 30 mins.

  • Data stories

    You can only have the utmost respect for a digital analytics podcasts, like data stories, which is running since February 2012 (More than 110 episodes)! The hosts are Enrico Bertini and Moritz Stefaner. Bertini is an acclaimed researcher and NYU professor, and Stefaner is a renowned data visualization specialist that works with a variety of commercial and academic clients. They usually discuss data visualization, developments in data analytics and some times interviews.
    Episodes usually last a full hour (60 mins), so get ready for a deep dive into every topic.

  • What’s the point

    The guys at FiveThirtyEight are hosting What’s the point. The episodes are mostly high-level interviews and their moto is “Big data, small interviews”. They focus on data’s growing influence in our lives and actual use cases. It’s a great digital analytics podcast series to listen to, when looking for inspiration or when not in the mood for very sci-ency topics.
    Episodes usually last about 30 mins.

  • IBM big data & analytics hub

    Brought to you by IBM. The Hub is the home for current content and conversation regarding big data and analytics for the enterprise from thought-leaders, subject matter experts and big data practitioners.  Besides the interesting posts you’ll find, there are lot of interesting digital analytics podcasts around cognitive analytics and machine learning. You can expect a deep dive in the science behind data analysis from various IBM engineers. Most of the episodes have references to IBM tools.
    Episodes usually last about 30 minutes and are also available for download. 
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  • Linear digressions

    Linear digressions is a shorter, weekly podcast exploring machine learning and data science topics. You’ll quickly get information about complex topics with easy-to-get examples. If you only have a few minutes to spare, this is the perfect place for you.
    Episodes usually last about 15 minutes. 


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