In-store analytics – Talk at Digital Analytics Meetup, Thessaloniki

Retail is going through some hard times over the past couple of years. This means that there’s need for change. Data-driven decisions have helped online stores in the past and have evolved eCommerce into an extremely profitable channel for sales. Can a similar approach help also offline stores? We examine the current market status, and options available for data measurement and analysis, when monitoring an offline store or shopping center. You’ll notice that there are a lot of similarities between web analytics and in-store analytics and we can use our experience from the web to improve the customer’s experience in...

Shedding some light on dark social traffic

Dark social traffic is still an issue that impacts traffic data collection on a daily basis for all web analytics tools (even Google analytics). If you see a high percentage of direct traffic (especially for pages with long URLs, which are difficult to type), you should spend some time to go through this article.

GTM: Flexibility and strength for your website – Talk at TechSaloniki 2017 (Greek)

Last weekend I held a talk at TechSaloniki 2017 about GTM. My goal was to introduce GTM to professionals with no previous experience with a Tag Management Systems (TMS) and show them the reasons why someone working  with web analytics should be using it. I also demonstrated several advanced use cases where a Tag Management System like Google Tag Manager can come handy: Removing PII data from your collected traffic data Combining different data sources online Tracking adblocker usage Injecting SEO improvements Enriching data during data collection Formatting and converting data I wanted to make sure that everyone understood the power a...

A Web Full of Data – Talk at TEDx UniversityOfIoannina 2017 (Tzamtzis, Gkesoulis)

Last week on Saturday (May 6th) I had the chance to talk, with my colleague Dimitris Gkesoulis, about what we love the most (digital analytics) at TEDx UniversityOfIoannina 2017. It was a great chance for us to present to a crowd, that is not relevant with analytics, how we imagine the future of digital analytics, how we think they can improve our every day life and also educate them on the web tracking technologies and the risks. You can download our full presentation here or view it online. The talk is in Greek.

Excel function for MD5 hashing without VBA

When capturing PII data (Personally identifiable information) in GA or Adobe analytics, you need to make sure that the values captured are encrypted/hashed to respect the rules of these platforms. Otherwise you might have your account deactivated without any prior notice! A very common hashing algorithm is MD5. It produces a 128-bit hash value and it’s a one-way hashing algorithm, meaning that you cannot convert the hashed value back to the original one. To be able to compare and correlated hashed values with offline data you need to also hash (using the same algorithm) the key value of your 2 data sets...

Common analytics bugs in network sniffers

When triggering tracking pixels on the click of buttons taking you to a new page you may encounter several issues. This happens because the browser will not give the tracking pixel enough time to contact the remote server. Is this affecting your actual data collection process? Here are a few examples of how a normal tracking pixel request should look like, to make sure everything is working correctly: If you are not seeing something like the ones above, below is a list with the most common issues and the ones you need to pay attention to, as they probably indicate...

Best digital metrics for 15 different types of companies by Avinash

An amazing article from the great Avinash Kaushik describing which digital metrics you can use depending on the size and the nature of your business. When you start working with digital analytics it’s very difficult to understand what’s the best way to move forward and what matters most for your business. This article is a great introduction. After spending some time with these suggestions you can customize the reports according to your needs. Bonus: Avinash has also created this great set of custom segments, reports and dashboards that you can import in your Google analytics account.

Tag management systems will *not make your site faster

*unless you educate your marketing team and help them understand the impact of website trackers on the page load speed. Are you are working with analytics and online marketing for at least a couple of years? Then you’ve probably felt like you are lying to all your customers every time you say that a Tag Management System will make their website faster. A TMS will help reduce the perceived** page load time of the website, by allowing you to asynchronously load all your tracking pixels and prevent them from blocking the actual content of the page. It will also make...

Introduction to Advanced analytics (part 1)

This is a a series of articles which is supposed to help a beginner, setup advanced tracking tools that will help him gather more information about the way visitors are interacting with a website. We are going to focus mostly on Google tools, because they are free, easily accessible for everyone and reliable. When using free tools you need to keep in mind that there will be a few limitations, especially when working with websites with a lot of traffic, but this shouldn’t be an issue for most beginner users. The first part of this series is describing steps needed to make your website...

Reasons to invest in Analytics

Gartner predicts that by 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationship with the enterprise without interacting with a human. If this proves to be true, you’ll definitely need to invest in Analytics to make sure you get some type of feedback of how your visitors are interacting with your brand. How else will you create a memorable experience that will make your customers come back to your website?