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Panagiotis (pronounced Panayotis) is a passionate G(r)eek with experience in digital analytics projects and website implementation. Fan of clear and effective processes, automation of tasks and problem-solving technical hacks. Hands-on experience with projects ranging from small to enterprise-level companies, starting from the communication with the customers and ending with the transformation of business requirements to the final deliverable.

Web analytics GDPR compliance steps

These days everyone is talking about GDPR. The sure thing is it brings a lot of changes, for every organization processing personal data. It will also have a tremendous impact on web analytics. The market is still evolving. It’s still not clear which steps a web analytics data controller and / or data processor will need to take, to ensure compliance with the new regulation and still gather meaningful data. Web analytics GDPR compliance, needs changes both from the organization’s staff and also from every service used by the organization and  acting as a data processor. In my last article...

Are data analysts doing any data analysis?

Data analysts: How do they spend their day?

Data analysts and data scientists are the most popular jobs for the past couple of years, but how do they spend their time? How much of their time is actually spent on crunching numbers and looking for useful business insights? Most of the times data is really dirty and the burden of sanitizing a data-set usually falls on the one who is going to analyse it, the data analyst. The digital analytics association and TMM completed a research and published the results, showing that data housekeeping, rather than analysis, is consuming analysts’ time, and in particular, data-driven organizations are facing...

What’s next in digital marketing personalization?

Customizing websites to each visitor can completely alter an online experience. For my Greek readers you can take a look at my TedX talk, for more info on the importance of a personalized experience.  That’s why digital marketing personalization is a hot topic for the past few years. Personalization these days is not just being able to send an email with the recipients name on top. As a visitor, I want to feel that the website and its administrators know me and everything is customized to my needs, starting from the content and all the communications (e.g. email campaigns, marketing channel...

Exclude personal data from your web analytics

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data or personal data (e.g. email addresses, social security numbers etc.) is a complete nightmare for web analysts. Every web analytics platform is very clear on this matter, that their systems are not designed to store PII data. Google analytics also states in the service’s terms, that any GA account found storing PII data will be deleted by their administrator. If you end up having your account deleted, the chances of bringing it back online are very slim. Adobe Analytics will also advice its users against storing personal data on their servers. Most marketers don’t need...

Web tracking project planning – Digital analytics meetup, Thessaloniki

This week I was presenting on our local digital analytics meetup, in Thessaloniki. My talk was focused on how someone can start web tracking on a corporate or even a smaller website using web analytics platforms. It’s an introductory talk which focuses mainly on the processes someone must follow to ensure high quality results and satisfy both business/marketing teams and the development team, which will be part of the project. I have followed the process described in the slide more than once, when implementing analytics and marketing tools on large multilingual corporate websites and I can guarantee that it’s totally...

15 must read web analytics blogs

Trying to improve your web analytics skills? Just start following all or at least a couple of the following blogs and you'll become analytics hero in no time. I've gathered in this article all the blogs that helped me evolve to a digital analytics expert.

Why in-store analytics is important

I believe that this quote summarizes perfectly why it is important to make store redesign decisions more data-driven, to improve user experience. If you are interested in learning more on how in-store analytics works you can check my complete talk, which is a great introduction to this topic. Sign up to receive updates about new posts!