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"Να είσαι θερμοστάτης, όχι θερμόμετρο" είναι μια φράση που άκουσα πριν μερικά χρόνια από έναν guru του χώρου και μου έχει μείνει καρφωμένη στο μυαλό από τότε! Το θερμόμετρο είναι μια συσκευή η οποία μόνο καταγράφει δεδομένα, ενώ ένας θερμοστάτης μετατρέπει τα δεδομένα και σε ενέργειες. Αν καταφέρουμε να έχουμε περισσότερους "έξυπνους θερμοστάτες" στην διάθεση μας όταν αναλύουμε δεδομένα, θα μπορέσουμε να διαχειριστούμε και πολύ μεγαλύτερο όγκο αλλά και να επιταχύνουμε τις αντιδράσεις μας σε αυτά.

Tracking Pageviews in Analytics using page visibility (by Philip Walton)

I came across an interesting alternative approach from Philip Walton. He explains clearly why all websites cannot work with the default definition of a page view in Analytics and how we someone could start using the page’s visibility state (using the Page visibility API). Unfortunately this post was originally published in 2017 and still until today, even though Single Page Application (SPA) websites are widely used, we reply mostly on complicated implementations to virtually create page views for analytics tracking. Another alternative to this problem is to use an Event Driven Data Layer (EDDL), but I like the simplicity of...

Scalable website audit for analysts using the cloud

Scalable website audit for analysts using the cloud – Dev fest Hellas 2020

Enterprise websites split across many regions and locales are huge, but every page matters. Keeping track of the website’s quality, across all pages and on different devices, is a complicated and time-consuming process. It requires the constant evaluation of page performance, web analytics implementation accuracy, accessibility, and SEO audits.Baresquare developed an automated solution to keep track of website changes and website quality. This is a scalable solution built on GCP, with cost and resources customized to the website’s size. The solution utilizes a customized version of Lighthouse SDK and a BigQuery database for keeping track of results. Analyzing results is...

50 things I believe about data

A new trend is rising in the analytics and web marketing community! Lists of 50 things you believe about your industry. This list was created based on my experience working in digital analytics projects since 2008 and from numerous conversations I had while organizing the Digital analytics meetup, Thessaloniki since 2017.

Web analytics & Privacy

Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen a lot of changes in web analytics and privacy. We saw the release of GDPR and CCPA, the rise of ad-blockers (both in mobile and desktop devices), several releases of Safari’s ITP, Mozilla’s ETP and announcements from Google on similar browser changes in the beginning of 2020. One thing is for sure, the way web analytics was working before is evolving. It does not look like the wild west anymore and there are several rules someone needs to keep in mind when setting up the tracking for a website/mobile app. It’s very...

CI/CD of online experiences using digital analytics

CI/CD of online experiences using digital analytics – Digital Analytics Meetup session

As part of the 17th digital analytics meetup, which I’m hosting in Thessaloniki, I held a talk on how to use common digital analytics tools to optimize the online experience of visitors. I wanted to show ways a digital analyst can utilize commonly used tools/services in smart ways, which go beyond what is advertised by the vendors. A mature, professional website starts its development cycle several months before its publication, but many may do not know that its development is completed shortly before it is replaced by its replacement (usually several years later). During its “life” there are constantly technical...

Panagiotis Tzamtzis - Fabrika

Digital Analytics: Dating … data for MariasNext

Recently I was interviewed by Maria Pantelidou, who is hosting an interesting series of interviews from talented professionals in Thessaloniki, Greece. I was really honored to be among the rest of the great people who already appear in her previous interviews. She gave me the chance to take some time and think about all the decisions and lucky turns in my life that helped me end up where I am. We discussed about the company (baresquare) I am working for the past 11 years, my career in digital analytics and the community for digital analysts I started in my town...

GCP Data engineer - How to logo

Preparing for the Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer certification

What is the Google Cloud Data Engineer certification? According to Google, a Google Cloud Certified – Professional Data Engineer enables data-driven decision making by collecting, transforming, and visualizing data. The Data Engineer designs, builds, maintains, and troubleshoots data processing systems with a particular emphasis on the security, reliability, fault-tolerance, scalability, fidelity, and efficiency of such systems. The Data Engineer also analyzes data to gain insight into business outcomes, builds statistical models to support decision-making, and creates machine learning models to automate and simplify key business processes. A Google Cloud Certified – Professional Data Engineer has demonstrated in Google’s assessment their ability...