Web tracking project planning – Digital analytics meetup, Thessaloniki

This week I was presenting on our local digital analytics meetup, in Thessaloniki. My talk was focused on how someone can start web tracking on a corporate or even a smaller website using web analytics platforms. It’s an introductory talk which focuses mainly on the processes someone must follow to ensure high quality results and satisfy both business/marketing teams and the development team, which will be part of the project. I have followed the process described in the slide more than once, when implementing analytics and marketing tools on large multilingual corporate websites and I can guarantee that it’s totally foolproof.

All the slides from my talk can be downloaded from this link. They are also available on slideshare:

Let me know in the comments below if you have any suggestions or objections.

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Panagiotis (pronounced Panayotis) is a passionate G(r)eek with experience in digital analytics projects and website implementation. Fan of clear and effective processes, automation of tasks and problem-solving technical hacks. Hands-on experience with projects ranging from small to enterprise-level companies, starting from the communication with the customers and ending with the transformation of business requirements to the final deliverable.