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Access the new Facebook profile and other updates first

Facebook (like other websites) usually gives access to new features to developers first. The new profile update is called "Timeline" and is a major re-imagining of user profiles that allows users to build what’s essentially a visual scrapbook of everything they’ve done on the site. If you want to get early access of the new changes you can just follow the steps below:

How to measure website speed (Part 1: Google analytics)

A quality website should always keep track of the its loading time. A slow loading landing page not only impacts your conversion rate, but can also impact AdWords landing page quality and ranking in Google search. To improve the performance of your site, you first have to diagnose and measure the speed of it. After measuring your site’s speed, it is critical to take the necessary actions to improve it, which can be a challenging task. This article presents some of the tools you can use to measure your website’s speed and also keep track of its performance. Google Analytics The new version...


3 free tools to quickly test the crossbrowser compatibility

When you develop a new website or apply design changes on an existing one, it is essential to test the crossbrowser compatibility of your design in more than one browsers. This process is called crossbrowser compatibility testing. In order to do all the necessary checks you either have to install all the browsers you wish to test on your own pc or use a 3rd party service that displays you website exactly like it would appear in each browser. There is a wide range of services for this purspose, the following 3 are the ones that from my point of view offer...

twitter bug

Twitterizer: Solving the 401 bug when calling "GetAccessToken" or "GetRequestToken"

I recently encountered a strange bug using the Twitterizer API. I couldn’t call “GetAccessToken” without getting a 401 error. After searching about it, I found out that other people encountered the same bug by calling the “GetRequestToken” method (see more info here).  The correct way to get an access token using the twitterizer API is using the following source code sequence: The source code above may crash on the last line. The bug is probably caused by wrong timestamps, Twitter is sensitive to server time inaccuracies. The rash of issues lately is apparently caused by the clocks on Twitter’s servers being...

magento logo

Magento: List categories which have the option "Include in navigation menu" set to "No"

The following source code came in handy for me, when I decided I wanted to show only the top level category in the top navigation menu of a magento store, and only show the child categories in a page whenever the top level category is clicked. This is very useful if one of your top categories contains a lot of subcategories, that will create a giant list in the drop-down menu when the visitor hovers over it. First you have to set the sub categories as active in the magento administrator panel, but the option “Include in navigation menu” should...