How to Solve Magento 500 Internal Server Errors

Many users encounter some weird Magento 500 Internal Server Errors (Error type 500). I will try to list the most common solutions. These errors are not always caused by the same reason. You should try to take a look at your server's error logs to get some help about this error. Here are the most common ways to solve these kind of errors.

Cufon - Fonts for the people

Cufon text does not appear in Internet Explorer

In case you encounter any problems with your site's cufonized fonts try to update you rendering engine to the latest version. On October 24 they released released version 1.09i, which is the same as 1.09 but IE9-compatible. Keep in mind that you do not need to convert your font generated files again, just replace your old cufon-yui.js with a new one and you're good to go.

Access the new Facebook profile and other updates first

Facebook (like other websites) usually gives access to new features to developers first. The new profile update is called "Timeline" and is a major re-imagining of user profiles that allows users to build what’s essentially a visual scrapbook of everything they’ve done on the site. If you want to get early access of the new changes you can just follow the steps below:

How to measure website speed (Part 1: Google analytics)

A quality website should always keep track of the its loading time. A slow loading landing page not only impacts your conversion rate, but can also impact AdWords landing page quality and ranking in Google search. To improve the performance of your site, you first have to diagnose and measure the speed of it. After measuring your site’s speed, it is critical to take the necessary actions to improve it, which can be a challenging task. This article presents some of the tools you can use to measure your website’s speed and also keep track of its performance. Google Analytics The new version...