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Digital Analytics: Dating … data for MariasNext

Recently I was interviewed by Maria Pantelidou, who is hosting an interesting series of interviews from talented professionals in Thessaloniki, Greece. I was really honored to be among the rest of the great people who already appear in her previous interviews. She gave me the chance to take some time and think about all the decisions and lucky turns in my life that helped me end up where I am. We discussed about the company (baresquare) I am working for the past 11 years, my career in digital analytics and the community for digital analysts I started in my town...

Fixing Google analytics notifications

Fixing GA notifications: Duplicate Campaign Parameters

When using Google analytics you probably have seen a bell icon on the top right corner with a number inside a bubble. This is a list of notifications generated by Google’s machine learning algorithms. Clicking this bubble  will show you a list of potential issues, affecting your data collection and reports. If you are running a lot of online campaigns you’ve definitely seen this warning: Duplicate Campaign Parameters. Why do you see “Duplicate campaign parameters” notifications? This notification appears when Google detects multiple campaign parameters (utm_source, utm_term etc.) using exactly the same value but different case. Since Google Analytics is case...

GDPR fun

For those who had enough of GDPR tutorials and feel they have reached a good level of compliance, it's time to enjoy the fun part now. I've listed under this post the funniest material I could find online, inspired by GDPR.

What’s next in digital marketing personalization?

Customizing websites to each visitor can completely alter an online experience. For my Greek readers you can take a look at my TedX talk, for more info on the importance of a personalized experience.  That’s why digital marketing personalization is a hot topic for the past few years. Personalization these days is not just being able to send an email with the recipients name on top. As a visitor, I want to feel that the website and its administrators know me and everything is customized to my needs, starting from the content and all the communications (e.g. email campaigns, marketing channel...

Exclude personal data from your web analytics

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data or personal data (e.g. email addresses, social security numbers etc.) is a complete nightmare for web analysts. Every web analytics platform is very clear on this matter, that their systems are not designed to store PII data. Google analytics also states in the service’s terms, that any GA account found storing PII data will be deleted by their administrator. If you end up having your account deleted, the chances of bringing it back online are very slim. Adobe Analytics will also advice its users against storing personal data on their servers. Most marketers don’t need...

15 must read web analytics blogs

Trying to improve your web analytics skills? Just start following all or at least a couple of the following blogs and you'll become analytics hero in no time. I've gathered in this article all the blogs that helped me evolve to a digital analytics expert.

How will GDPR affect your web analytics

After going through several white papers, discussions and online articles I will try to cover the most important changes for online analytics which will come with EU’s new data protection rule (GDPR). This is an upgrade to EU’s ePrivacy data law (aka ICO cookie law) that will come into effect on May 25th 2018. Most of digital analytics vendors have already started presenting solutions that you could use to be compliant with this new regulation, but it’s sure that as we get closer to spring 2018  a lot of things will change on how websites operate. What is GDPR? GDPR...

Shedding light on dark social traffic

Dark social traffic is still an issue that impacts traffic data collection on a daily basis for all web analytics tools (even Google analytics). If you see a high percentage of direct traffic (especially for pages with long URLs, which are difficult to type), you should spend some time to go through this article.